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we can help restore health


 1. What is Dr. Zak's area of expertise?

After completing his doctorate of Naturopathy, Dr. Zak trained in Bio-Electric Quantum Health also known as RBTI, a scientific field that addresses the root-cause of disease.
Dr. Zak's philosophy is that every organ is part of a whole, therefore a person may not have a heart problem without having other part of the body affected.  Therefore, Dr. Zak analyzes the body as a whole and determines all areas of weakness; areas of the body that have been affected, then makes recommendations on how to restore health.

2. What do we need to know prior to getting tested?

To help Dr. Zak detect the root-cause of any ailment, clients must not change their diet prior to be seen by the doctor.  They must continue to live and eat the same way they did to enable Dr. Zak to unravel the health problem. A sudden change in the client's diet habits could cause issues with the test results and therefore require a re-test affter few days.

3. What kind of disease can Dr. Zak treat?

Dr. Zak  does not look at health in terms of disease, as every organ is part of a whole. Dr. Zak's analysis addresses the root cause of the symptoms. Once the symptoms are identified, Dr. Zak is able to address the problem regardless of what the symptom has been called by others.

4. What if a family member has Chron's disease or cancer, can Dr. Zak address that?
"Naming a disease has never cured anyone." Dr. Zak believes that most diseases are caused by a mineral deficiency. His job is to determine, what is causing certain areas of the body to breakdown then addresses the symptoms or disease.

5. What kind of recommendations can a client expects?

Let us be clear, we have to learn to take responsibility for our health condition. This said, a major correction would be to tweak the diet. Another one would be supplementation with minerals and vitamins. a third one would be a series of colonics, a forth one maybe sent to a retreat, etc.

6. Any successful cases.

What led Dr. Zak to specialize in Bio-Electric Quantum Health was the fact that he himself had a serious liver disease, and was able to restore his health by commiting to RBTI principles.

7. Are there cases Dr. Zak does not handle?

Dr. Zak sees everyone who seeks help. However, Dr. Zak refrains from working with clients who have diabetes; as it can get risky if the client fails to monitor their blood sugar during the health program.

8. Do most clients respond to the program?

In general, yes.  The best recovery results, however, are seen in clients, who are disciplined and follow the recommended program to the letter.  There is a small percentage of clients who do not respond to the program. Dr. Zak usually finds that out within the first week into the program.

9. Does Dr. Zak sees clients overseas?

Yes, Dr. Zak travels overseas, and visits with clients. 

10. When Dr. Zak travels, how does it get the client tested?

Dr. Zak takes his instruments and everything he needs with him when he travels for a consultation.

11. How much can a client expects to pay for a consultation and for a health program?

Dr. Zak's office charges $300 per consultation, which last between 60 tp 90 minutes.

In the greater Austin Texas area, Dr. Zak's health restoration program starts at $5,000 for up to 6 months into the program; which includes testings, analysis, evaluation, recommendations, and supplements.

12. How does the Risk Free, Money Back back guarantee work?

Dr. Zak stands by his statement. He believes that a doctor's job is to help his client restore his health.
In the meantime, Dr. Zak expects his client to follow the recommendations. Dr. Zak analysis can easily determine, whether the client his following the program or not.

13. How can a client pay for the services

Dr. Zak accepts credit card and also wire transfer

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