Dr. ZAK is committed to helping his clients restore their health, in the meantime he wants them to understand that
health restoration time can vary from person to person depending on many factors; however, a period of three (3) to six (6) month is considered sufficient to help reverse the process of degeneration and put the client on the path to recovery.


For client who wish to be seen in the comfort of their homes.

Call for a quote.


Restoring health is a partnership between the client and DR.ZAK's team.  DR.ZAK has the responsibility of figuring out what is wrong with the client's health and also putting together a personalized health program to help restore their health. 
The client has the responsibility of following through with the program to ensure the program's success.

Program Length (3 - 6 months program)

BENEFITS.   The client enjoys the following services

A.   VIP care

B.   Track progress through the numbers

C.   Testing as needed

D.  Comprehensive Analysis, Evaluation of Client’s Health, and

E.   Up to Six (6) Months Supply of Supplements
      (for one client’s needs)

F.   Healthy living course + Training

G.   Healthy Cooking / Healthy Eating Training

H.   Supply of (High Quality) Testing Instruments (optional)

I.   Training on Testing Instruments (optional)


Price: Starts at $5,000 for up to six month of work.


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