Dr. Zak relates a story how he got the idea. "In my practice, I made it a custom to discuss every case with two of my mentors, now both deceased), who were expert in Bio-Electric testing.  One day, I remember, I received a phone call from a mother who was worries about her 19 years old daughter who had frequent seizures. After I inquired if the young girl had already seen a physician, and had already a blood work done, and after, I was told by the mother that the healthcare provider did not notice anything unusual, I invited the 19 years old girl for a consultation.  First thing I did was collect a sample of the girl's saliva and urine and test the samples. The test immediately revealed the root-cause of the seizures; which was nothing more than a shortage of oxygen in the brain.

So I called my mentor to discuss the case and see what else I could learn to benefit my client and myself; as usual my mentor requested the test data. Upon reading them, he immediately explaimed the girl smokes marijuana regularly. To my surprise, I told my mentor how he knew that because my instrument do not test for traces of such substance in the urine. My mentor informed me it was the mathematical pattern that revealed that; and he asked me if the girl was still onsite to confirm with her and see for myself. I called the 19 years old girl and asked her sje was taking marijuanan; she imediately confirmed and told me everyone in her family took it.  I picked up the phone and took took my hat to my mentor who was able to figure that out. He laughed then reminded me every pattern had a meaning; and it will come with experience."


After my nephew, young physician in Urology informed me of his frustration identifying certain type of disorders and cancers, I took it upon myself to document these patterns."

So instead of waiting on client to come, I invite them to come; test and consult with them free of charge."

If you have been diagnosed by a licensed physician with any type of disorder or cancer, including by not limited to the following:

and other disorders such as, but not limited to: Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, Polio, Asthma, Schizophrenia, etc. to schedule an appointment for a free testing.

Ideally the perfect candidate will be a person who has recently been diagnose with the disease or disorder, but will test any person.

Please schedule an appointment at: www.drzak.us

After a number of hospital physicians expressed frustration identifying certain diseases, Dr. Zak decided to teaming up few physicians to document diseases and disorder's "mathematical patterns." This is done simply by collecting and testing the candidate's specimen of saliva and urine.

Though Dr. Zak believes that disorders affect people differently, he belives this work will make the task easy for physicians and other doctors with knowledge of Bio-Electric testing to quickly identify and effectively address the disease or disorder.


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