A program was available for complete recover.



A program was available for complete recover.
It will take this client longer because of age factor.


Marie D.     Female    Age: 22y     Height: 5' 6"    Weight: 133 Lbs
Date: 01/05/2020                                     Test Time: 4pm
Brix     UpH/SpH        Cond.       Cell debris         NN/AN

   4.7          7.5/6.5          32C            4m                    7/7


1. Tendency toward hypoglycemia
2. Traverse colon stuffed like a saussage link

3. Descending colon is swollen

4. Rectum enlarged

5. Pain in hepatic Flexure

6. Base of the neck stiff

7. Bones deteriorating in the base of the neck

8. Muscles across shoulders are pulling and tight

9. Blood thick

10. Lymph system dirty

11. Tonsils are swollen

12. Throat are swollen

13. Bronchial tube swollen

14. Lungs are deteriorating

15. Nasal passage swollen

16. Packets forming throughout digestive system

17. Teeth losing minerals and falling apart

18. Teeth sensitive

19. Pockets forming around the teeth

20. Receding gum lines

21. Feet hurst

22. Minerals are going up on the body

23. Losing mobility in the ankles

24. Blood vessels are breaking in the brain

25. Varicose veins are forming

26. Hemmorrhoid condition is starting

27. Vitamin A absorption poor

28. Vitamin C absorption poor

29. Thyroid hyper

30. Female organs are thick

31. Polips and tumors are forming in the female organs

32. Breast are forming lesions.

John S.    Male    Age: 60y     Height: 5' 10"    Weight 210 Lbs
   Date: 01/06/2020                               Test Time: 10:15am
   Brix     UpH/SpH        Cond.       Cell debris         NN/AN

    0.8        7.6/7.5             8C                 4m                    7/5


1. Hypoglycemic
2. Taking something frequently that is causing this pattern

3. Eyes Hurt, when push on them

4. Pressure in the eye ball

5. Losing night vision

6. Neck hurt

7. Lower back hurt

8. Constipated

9. Descending colon swollen

10. Rectum swollen

11. Coughs

12. Pressure on lungs

13. Snores very bad

14. Sinus problem

15. Feet hurt

16. Leg cramp

17. Blood thick and dirty

18. Joints hurt

19. Heart murmur

20. Tonsils swollen

21. Lymph system thick and dirty

22. Foggy brain

23. Eyes blurred

24. Dizzy and light headed

25. Heart rhythm off

26. Messages from brain are compromised to the entire body

27. Organs growing old too fast

28. Lack of oxygen throughout the system

29. Sensitive teeth

30. Receding gum lines

31. Pockets forming around the teeth in the gum

32. Teeth eroding at gum lines

33. Teeth turning yellow

34. Ankles losing flexibility

35. Legs stiff

36. Knees hurt.

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