'I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of helping my mother recover from a "terminal" illness!'       

Dr. Zakaria Kouloughli, ND

Therapy Program

For some cases, health recovery is quick; while for other case health restoration takes some time.

The following health program is designed to help the clients take control over their lives and avoid making frequent trip to the doctor's office.


How does it work? 

The client has 2 options, either check in with the doctor every 2 weeks or learn to conduct the tests on their own from the comfort of their home, but must qualify for the program.


Initially, the client will be first tested first at the office to evaluate his/her health. 

If the case is considered manageable at home, the client or the caregiver is then trained on the equipment.  This way they will be able to conduct the tests on their own, from the comfort of their home, then follow up with the doctor for recommendations and counseling.


By working hand-in-hand with Dr.Zak and simply following his recommendations, the clients will be able to restore their health.

The process is very scientific.

To generate data, a set of equipment is required to pursue the therapy from home.  Don't worry, the equipments are easy to use!

Equipment Required



The case contains the following:

- Three (3) electronic instruments

- Chemical solutions, easy to use

- Small lab equipments and accesories

- Mineral supplements (a 3-month supply)

- User manual


Package services also includes

- Training on the equipment

- 8 counseling sessions (30 minutes each) - by phone/video)

- Shipping included (within US continental).

This product is not a medical device.  It has not been evaluated by the FDA

All sales are final. Call before you make your purchase.

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