"I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of helping my mother overcome a "terminal" illness ! "

You, unconsciously, caused your illness.


Now, consciously, restore your health !


 Zak Kouloughli, ND

Do you have a health issue you want to discuss?


Dr.Zak is a doctor of naturopathy. He uses diet, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and ancillary activities to affect change in the body.

Dr. Zak is not a licensed physician and his does not poses as one. his services are not covered by health insurance

Clients must follow Dr. Zak's recommendations. Failure to do so, is easily identified and will result in exclusion from the health program with no refund.

To qualify for this guarantee, all instructions and activities must be followed accurately.



Dr. Zakaria Kouloughli, ND is among very few in America who specializes in Bio-Electric therapy. His test analysis identifies the root cause of disease and his health program addresses health recovery without the use of drugs and surgery.
Dr. Zakaria Kouloughli's path to bio-electric therapy was driven by two dramatic events. In the past few years, he lost two of his friends to pancreatic cancer; incidents, which kept him thinking about what else was out there to help the critically ill.

He left the pre-med program to enrolled at the school of natural health.  After completing a Doctorate of Naturopathy, he chose to specialize in the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, a scientific field which relies solely on saliva and urine sample analysis to generate the parameters responsible for the health problems. Through mathematical profiles, Dr.Zak is able to determine the state of health, the level of degeneration, organs affected, and proposes a personalized health  program on how clients can restore their health.  

Dr. ZAK attended l'Universite de Tlemcen, the University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward's University, and Trinity School of Natural Health. He publishes weekly articles on social media platforms. 

Dr. Zak lives in Texas with his wife and two daughters.  

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